Photo: Nile Scott

Shanelle Chloe Villegas

Shanelle Chloe Villegas is a Queer, Non-binary, Boston-based theatre artist and teacher who is dedicated to being a student and lover of humanity. This pursuit, to love and question human beings in the midst of all our complexities, leads her to be intensely expressive in multiple disciplines of art such as, poetic and dramatic writing, acting, visual arts and music-making, with the aim of using art as a portal to connect humankind at the heart-level. With the fusion of these talents, she is on her way to creating a devised memoir play about intergenerational trauma, loss of childhood innocence and the intricacies of love and pain within her dysfunctional family of color. When she is not creating her own work, Shanelle can be seen performing all around Boston. Some of her recent works include: SpeakEasy Stage Company’s People, Places and Things (Laura , u/s Emma), SpeakEasy Stage Companys’ BLKS (Octavia), and American Repertory Theatre’s The Arboretum Experience (Ramona/Emcee/Major), amongst others. Shanelle is a proud graduate of the first graduating class of Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s BFA Contemporary Theatre program.