Photos: Jay Hunt


Artist Performer at #HellaBlack Live MixTape Vol. 5: Soul

Nancia (she/her) is an R&B Artist from Boston. She creates music that tells stories of pain, joy, history, and women’s empowerment. As a woman in the industry, she has faced many challenges and therefore uses her platform to give light and hope to other women. Some of her work includes songs curated to empower Black Women like the song “Black Queen.” To further her cause she created the song “I Am A Queen” for a docu series that highlights local Women in our community. She recently hosted and performed for Hot Girl Cypher for Bridge cypher that featured all women. This event was co-directed by her and was a huge success as the ladies united on stage creating a sisterhood of music. Nanciaʼs discography includes three albums and she has been nominated for best R&B artist of the year at the Boston Music Awards.