Pictured left to right, Mia Dalglish and Jun Kuribayashi

Mia Dalglish

2021 ACTivate Resident

Mia Dalglish has formal training in fine art photography and Argentine tango, as well as extensive experience as a photographic curator and movement dramaturg. Since 2010, Mia has served as Photographic Curator for Pictura, a renowned fine art gallery that specializes in contemporary photography. She is a portfolio reviewer for international photography conferences and serves as a judge for international photography competitions. Mia is a co-author of the Curious Photo Blog, which reviews contemporary photographic works. Mia is the Executive Director of the Fernanda Ghi Dance Company and an Argentine tango instructor at the Fernanda Ghi Dance Academy. Mia was the manager and an instructor at the Argentine tango school, Artango for 7 years.


ACTivate Residency Project Description

HYBRIDMOTION is an artistic movement and dance theatre company co-directed by husband and wife duo, Jun Kuribayashi and Mia Dalglish, both based out of Boston. Their diverse, yet complimentary backgrounds in the performing and fine art worlds meld to create HYBRIDMOTION’s unique aesthetic. HYBRIDMOTION dance theatre embraces skilled performers from a variety of movement backgrounds and fosters the creation of inventive and unconventional work on the stage. Terrence Hayes filmed and assisted in the creative direction of HYBRIDMOTION’s project.