The scene is two performers dressed in black on stage. They are interacting with papier-mache creatures and shapes.Portrait photo by Nathan Hower; cover photo is "Dreams of Peace", La MaMa NYC, with Natasha Mirny, 2023.
Picture of artist Katya Popova. The shot is closeup and they have their hands on top of their head and are looking aware from the camera. They have purple hair and are wearing a raspberry-colored sweater.

Katya Popova

Katya Popova is a Boston-based artist, working at the intersection of painting, performance, and design. Katya received training in the fine arts in Moscow, Russia, before studying graphic design in the US. In addition to working as a graphic designer and illustrator, Katya has a background in physical theater and puppetry, often collaborating with sound artists. Her works explore what could have been by tracing the physical gestures and material qualities of everyday things.

In the past ten years, she has presented her work at numerous street festivals, shows and galleries, participated in artist residencies, and worked on projects with the Bread and Puppet Theater.

Katya is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA and received an MA at Boston University. Presently she teaches courses on Visual Art, Design, and Performance at the New England Conservatory of Music.