Image: Palmera De Coco, 2022. Image courtesy of the artist.

Emily Rose Navarro

2023 ACTivate Resident

Emily Rose Navarro is a Puerto Rican-American multidisciplinary artist. Her work addresses the legacy of colonialism and its impact on the Caribbean diaspora, particularly the effects of ancestral trauma. She focuses on identity, memory, home, and healing through research, visual art, and performance. Repurposing associated objects of memory and family photographs, she evokes one’s imagination, senses, connections, and healing. As part of her artistic practice she revisits physical and metaphorical spaces through collective memories and dreams as a medium to remember the past, present, and forgotten parts of ourselves.


ACTivate Residency Project Description

“El Salón: Reimagining Self-love, Rituals, and Healing in the Kitchen” is a multi-media installation centered on creating space for reflection, connection, and healing around identity, hair, and cultural haircare rituals. The project includes haircare rituals, memories from the artist’s family members, and commonly found objects in the kitchen. Accompanied by interviews from family members and sounds from her kitchen, the selected objects act as instruments to evoke new memories to reimagine self-love, acceptance, and healing. All of these elements together create an environment of auditory rituals activating one’s memories, senses, and connection between the sounds and mix-media installation.

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