Cedric Harper, Untitled, 2022.

Carol Moses

Carol Moses is an artist living in Cambridge, MA, who creates non-representational tableaus, employing grids, patterns, repeated linear elements, and biomorphic forms, in a distinctive visual vocabulary. Discrete styles namely calligraphic, gestural, and geometric appear throughout her omnivorous practice that moves between drawing, painting, printmaking and photography. Her artistic work creates balance, moving through color and form to create a visual neologism all her own. In childhood, Moses gravitated towards logic, math, and science, absorbing the nuance and minutiae of patterns in the natural world. Study in cultural anthropology and linguistics also tacitly influenced her sui generis painting and photography.

In her broader art life, Moses concerns herself equally with making and showing her work, and with promoting work of colleagues she admires, and causes she espouses. To these ends, she founded a gallery program in 2009 in a neighborhood community center in Cambridge – head full of visions of bringing artists to light and helping them gain income from selling work. In the end it was more the former, to no one’s surprise but her own.  However curatorial experience was gained, and great connections were forged and strengthened.

Currently, Moses has a work studio at Vernon St, and exhibits in Boston at studio 213 at SoWa — 450 Harrison, sharing the space with Cedric Harper and other artists.  She participates in international residencies, when circumstances allow, creating fascinating portrait and interview series of expansive demographics. Indefatigable, Moses is hatching new projects and media all the time.

Moses is the curator for Cedric Harper: ANCESTRAL LANGUAGE, the seventh exhibition in the 1:1 Curatorial Initiative series presented in the Mills Gallery at Boston Center for the Arts. Each exhibition in this series presents a collaborative project between one curator and one artist, and either introduces a new artist or highlights a new aspect of a more experienced artist.