Cristobal Cea, Detail of Ramada, 2023, Acrylic on acetate on oil painting

Byte Footage

About Byte Footage

Byte Footage is a project by Julieta Gómez Blumen (Colombia-Argentina) and Julia Szejnblum (Argentina). They work with Latin American digital art that re-interprets and re-contextualizes archival materials. Based mainly in Argentina, Byte Footage takes different forms: festivals, exhibitions, workshops, and talks in which artists, educators, theorists, and activists are invited to think about how digital materials created in northern latitudes are used and re-interpreted in Latin American Contemporary Art.

Byte Footage es un proyecto de Julieta Gómez Blumen (Colombia-Argentina) y Julia Szejnblum (Argentina). Ellas trabajan con arte digital latinoamericano que re-interpreta y re-contextualiza materiales de archivo. Basado principalmente en Argentina, Byte Footage toma distintas formas: festivales, exhibiciones, talleres y charlas en donde artistas, educadores, teóricxs y activistas son invitadxs a pensar cómo materiales creados en el hemisferio norte son usados y re-interpretados en el arte contemporáneo latinoamericano.