From "This Place/Displaced", Photo by Matt Samolis

Artists’ Theater of Boston

2020-2021 Push Project Resident

Artist Statement

Artists’ Theater of Boston produces low-cost, accessible theater responding to the systemic injustices faced by our communities. We encourage collaboration among performing, textual, visual, and media artists; we aim both to develop new work and to rethink and recreate already influential work. We value ensemble work as a tool to acknowledge and deepen our understanding of our multiple and often competing experiences of, and attachments, to social and historical processes of gendering, racialization, and class formation; the possibilities of gendered and sexual personhood; aesthetic and cultural forms; and modes of ability. We affirm the capacity of the arts to challenge oppression, provide resources for critical thinking and resilience, and enable transformation. We encourage artists of all embodiments to participate in our productions.

T(estosterone) is a new play by Kit Yan and Simone Wolff which follows four trans and gender non-conforming best friends on a trip to Planned Parenthood as Blue gets on T to transition and Lee gets off T to get pregnant. T embarks on an investigation into real trans lives and is an intervention into oversimplified narratives that surround testosterone as hormone replacement therapy. In the waiting room of Planned Parenthood, T unfolds stories that embody the diversity and complexity of real gender processes. This playful and incisive play asks whether testosterone is the holy grail of (trans)masculinity, or is it just another drug? Hormones can be magical, alchemical: gel, rubbed on the chest and arms once a day, can transform a body; a weekly shot can make a life feel, finally, possible. But like any substance, access, quality, and outcome are not evenly distributed. And like any marker of identity, stories that surround it easily become oversimplified, even oppressive. T offers a new lens for the audience to hear the voices of these stories and who better than the playwrights.