Drawing by Alison Maurer and Jeb Polstein, GSD Spring 2021

Alison Maurer

BCA Studio Resident

Born and raised in Cambridge, MA, I began my career in art historical research and exhibition/publication development. I eventually made a shift to landscape architecture in an attempt to unite my love of art history with a desire to address the crises of today. I studied landscape design and planning at the Conway School, earning a Master of Science in Ecological Design in 2018, followed by a Master of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2022. I have worked at residential scales, navigating personal desires with wetland protection policy and conservation goals, up to municipal and planning scales.

In my theoretical work, I focus on post-disaster sites where violence has disrupted relationships between people and land. I seek to reconnect communities to their landscapes through labor and to reimagine our generally extractive views of the ground. My interests center on practices of care, reciprocity, non-scalability, and hybrid labor inspired heavily by the work of Anna Tsing, Alyssa Battistoni, among others. My thesis, titled “Vieques es Nuestra Casa: Ecological Reparation Through Embodied Action,” took on the toxic, post-military legacy on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques and proposed new communal landscapes shaped by the remediation of soil.

I am one member of Post-Perfection Studio with Nelly Kate. We make work that centers humans and care…and we recognize this comes with failure, since we’re intrinsically flawed. We are here to fail forward.

BCA Studio Resident since 2022.