Graphic by Oliver Mak

Weird Sounds S.2, E.1 Augie Lehrecke of Pneuhaus

To kick off our second season of Weird Sounds, Oliver and Randi sat down with August Lehrecke, Co-Founder of Pneuhaus, to learn more about this unique enterprise, which has handcrafted immersive environments for use by entities ranging from NASA to the Providence Children’s Museum. A big thank you to Pneuhaus for creating beautiful and community friendly seating for Boston Art Book Fair 2018, 2019 and

Pneuhaus is a Rhode Island-based art and design studio that specializes in exuberant inflatable transformations of public space. They design and create immersive sculptures and environments to guide visitors into the universe of their senses and the joys of shared experience. Inspired by physics, biology, and craft, Pneuhaus’s work incorporates the lessons of nature in both form and function.

Interviewed March 9, 2023

Thanks to everyone who took part in Boston Art Book Fair 2022! We look forward to seeing you at BCA’s Cyclorama November 10-12, 2023 for the fifth Boston Art Book Fair.