Graphic by Oliver Mak

Weird Sounds Episode 5 Kathleen Sleboda

Oliver and Randi talk with designer, educator and publisher Kathleen Sleboda, co-founder and design director of Draw Down Books, an independent publisher and bookseller, and the primary at Gluekit.  Kathleen teaches  at the University of Connecticut, Boston University, and Rhode Island School of Design, where she co-designed the course Newly Formed with her partner and frequent collaborator, Christopher Sleboda.

Show notes:

When: Interviewed August 11, 2022

Kathleen’s journey:

Archivism at Yale

Gluekit “Made Photographs”


We talk about:

And something that Kathleen has learned recently:  How to Code Open Type Features (“so, a little bit of Python.”).  Also – Kathleen reveals that the roots of the terms upper case, lower case, and out of sorts, are all typographic.

For your calendar:

March 2023, the Multiple Formats: Contemporary Art Book  Symposium returns to Boston University.  Here’s info about the February 2022 edition; March 2023 promises to be equally amazing, PLUS is adding its own art book fair.