Courtesy of the Artist

Miriam Shenitzer

ASB Interdisciplinary Artist since 1997

Artist Statement

My work has always been about line and language, whether in drawing, etching, artists books or animation. I have recently begun to extend my art practice from the studio and into a broader and more collaborative framework as a response to the political and environmental problems of our era. In 2018, I was commissioned by Palaver Strings as the artist for Seeking Sanctuary, a collaborative work involving immigrant organizations, artists and musicians. Since June of 2019, I have been leading a team of artists, gardeners and community activists to create a network of pollinator gardens marked with placemaking “icons” in Lower Allston. The gardens provide beauty and respite for the community, combat the destruction of pollinator habitat in our cities, and are unanimously seen as a positive addition to the neighborhood. I am looking forward to continuing and developing my practice in these different ways and am grateful for the opportunities I have been given.